Size on the diamond cutting tools have any impact?

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  Diamond in cutting tools on cutting the dew situation or bulge height will impact cutting depth of each particle, also is the influence of the material removal rate cutting tools. Use of a big particle size of diamond dew degree will have a faster rate cut materials team. General coarse particle used to cut soft materials, and smaller particle size is used as a hard material cutting.

  The granularity of diamond decided the number of particles per carat. Along with the increase of the number, size of particles per carat more numerous. Because the cutting tool to the number of the diamond on the area of the life of tools and power consumption has effect, so choose the right eye number is the key to ensure tools performance. Generally speaking, low concentration of diamond tools with fine granularity, can make the diamond cutting tools on the surface of the diamond grains, increase so that to improve life, also increased a power consumption.

  In addition to the size of the diamond, diamond concentration also determines the number of surface grain size of the cutting tools. Diamond concentration, the higher the number of surface grain size of the cutting tools and the more like this is advantageous to improve life.


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