How to stronger diamond tool industry

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  Our country hardware tools are widely used in geological exploration, stone, machinery, automobile and defense industry, and other fields, mechanical processing with abrasive and geological broach and stone cutting tools manufacturing technology level has been greatly improved. The products had already formed series, standardization, variety specification complete, the product quality is stable, some products in the international market has certain competitive power. Although our country produces each kind of diamond tool is widely used in various industries, and obtain a remarkable economic benefits, but the technology level and the same products abroad, there is still a gap compared, mainly displays in:

  1. The entire industry lack of unified management and macroeconomic control. Due to the blind development, hardware tools especially diamond tool production distribution appear come loose and disorderly, blossom everywhere situation, tools sales market product quality is not stable, competition and price confusion.

  2. The production equipment and tools overall technical level is relatively backward, some more advanced new technology, new technology application more slowly.

  3. Production enterprise scale slant generally small, production is not focused, and technology is poor, lack of the market competitive power, economic efficiency is not high.

  4. Tools and new product development, production process and technological research insufficient capital investment.

  5. In the tool use process, substrate material utilization rate low, steel waste is serious.

  Vigorously develop hardware tools industry, vigorously promotes the new product, new technology development, the acceleration of China's hardware tools industry development, improve the economic benefit and the overall technology level. Particular way is:

  1. Tool industry investment, vigorously promotes the development of new products and new technology, new technology promotion, and continuously developed diamond fields of application, improve the diamond tool industry overall technical level and market competitiveness, and by the variety, quality of survival, to the progress of science and technology for development.

  2. At home and abroad to meet the need of the market, tools to accelerate the development of new products, improve product quality, increase the variety and improve the production. In recent years, machinery, precious stones, medical equipment, wood, glass reinforced plastics, stone material handicraft, ceramic and composite hard brittle materials processing areas of diamond tools increased year after year, at present, the domestic product or rely on import, and must therefore be developed as soon as possible a high quality of various series of tools to replace the imported. At present, to be development products: oil drilling bit, stone throw with PDC grinding of diamond grinding block, with engineering, diamond core drill bit YouShi honing, diamond film coated tools, diamond wheel, rubber combination agent diamond plastic tools, PCD diamond tools and diamond needles, wards, diamond heat sink and transistor, etc. To ensure the product quality, we must speed up the new technology, new technology promotion, such as vacuum welding technology, edm sintering technology, diamond uniform technology, diamond plating technology and metallization iridium bonding technology, laser welding technology and so on.

  3. Reinforcing the enterprise internal management, and constantly improve the production process, reduce production cost and improve the economic benefits.

  4. Go the way of the enterprise group or joint, set up several large enterprise group, and guide the development of the industry, create their own brand, and actively participate in international competition. Relying on scientific and technological progress, increasing investment in science and technology, equipment, vigorously promotes the new technology, new technology, new product research and promotion, improve the technology level of hardware industry in our country.


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